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Thanks everyone!

Originally Posted by elias View Post
Wy did you choose the east side of Africa to go north?
Not too sure why. There were just some things that we wanted to see on that side, and it seemed to be the best route over to Egypt and Jordan.

Originally Posted by ata View Post
...and before starting the second chapter, you know, a huge portion of sardinhas grelhadas
We had a nice sardinhas grelhadas at Paula's mother's before we left!

Originally Posted by Nokmuay View Post
BTW: I definitely do recomend THAILAND. I have been there 5 times for 3 months at a time usually to train in Muay Thai. The language is fairly easy, the people are extremely polite and generous, and even the slighest effort on your part to speak Thai ( and Thai and Laos speak the same language essentially, apart from a few words and whatnot) and they will reduce prices and bend over backwards to help you. The roads are definitely chaotic there, but by the time you get there, I am more then sure you will be accostomed with that. As you will probably be running into it from Mexico down. Any info you need on Thailand, I am more then willing to help you out!!!!!
Be Safe!!!! And watch out for those damn donkeys in the middle of the street on the bends in Mexico and south!
I've been to Thailand twice - Phuket and Bangkok. Paula has never been. I'm looking forward to Chaing Mai this time. I lived in Taiwan for four years and studied Mandarin Chinese for 6 months. It doesn't seem to help in Thailand. Taipei City has the craziest drivers of anywhere that I have driven (Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, etc.). Thailand wasn't too bad, although I only rode scooter there in Phuket.
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