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Day 2

I thought I would get started on Day 2. Left Meeker about 7:30 am and it had rained during the night so it was cool and clear. A beautiful day for riding. Like I said the Blue Spruce Inn had good accommodations so I have to give them a plug. Every room has an inside and outside door. That is sort of a nice feature. First time I had ever stayed in a motel like that. I guess I don't get out much.

Started out of town traveling west on Hwy 64. Bill had some issues with water in his fuel after we departed and had to stop and drain his carburetor so I had to backtrack to see what the holdup was. He got it drained and dried out so we were good to go. We crossed the White River and headed south on the dirt.

Bill got up close and personal with a pickup truck rounding this bend as the pickup was in the middle of the road and driving way over the speed limit. We were doing the speed limit of course, which is? You can see Bill in the distance if you look closely.

Looking down onto Calamity Ridge in the valley below from the high road..

Stopped in Rangely for fuel. On our way into Rangely we passed Kenney Reservoir which the White River runs into.

This is the dam. Hard to see very well from this photo. Rangely is about 90 miles north of Grand Junction.

From Rangely we cross some open range again that was somewhat soft and powdery.

We came across this really muddy spot that was long and mucky where there was a stream that ran across the road. As you can see a vehicle had gone around it on the high side but we were not having any of that. We scouted out a way around it which is in the background. I took the photo once we had gotten around it.

This is Bill down the road from the muddy spot coming back after realizing he had left a glove back there so he went back to retrieve it.

These are photos of right after we entered Dinasour National Monument. I could not believe the tree devastation the beatles had caused. Check out all the holes in the closeup of one of the dead trees. I am told that they have destroyed thousands of acres of trees and they cannot stop them. One person told me that 72 hours of 40 below zero weather will kill them.

We came up on this really deep gourge right next to the road which I had to get a couple of photos of.

Then we came up on the edge of the Yampa River. It is truly amazing how the river has cut its way thru this canyon. Where the photos are taken is about 1000 feet above the canyon floor.

From that point we are enroute to Echo Park. We had planned on camping there but the place was completely deserted and it is kind of a low area. There was weather moving in so we decided to mosey on out of there and camp further west.

On our way out of Echo Park to the Park Service Road.

We hightailed it south on the Park Service Road to Cr-16 or Miners Draw Road running west to Hwy 40 and the weather caught up to us on Cr-16 and we got drenched. That rain didn't look like much but it was cold and it was raining so hard at times you could not see the road in front of you. The road got wet in a hurry so needless to say we were glad when we got clear of it about the time we hit Hwy 40. Stopped at a rest sight to warm up and put on some dry gloves.

We slabbed it into Vernal about 6 miles away and spend the night in a Motel 6. It's funny how getting all wet and cold will dampen the enthusiasm for camping. That is the end of Day 2. Stay tuned for Day 3 and beyond.
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