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So yeah, my beloved KTM Adventure developed an electrical issue only hours before my scheduled departure. I worked and worked, but had to face the choice of abandoning the bike or abandoning the trip. Luckily I had a selection of loaners!

Here's how I was forced to leave my partner:

The saga of the problem and repair is HERE if anyone is interested.

The Ninja EX500 saves the day! I barely had time to check the fluids and tire pressure while figuring out how to load my gear. This top box is HUGE!!! Saddlebags, pshaw! I don't need no stinkin' saddlebags!

It's southern Arizona. It's August. Need I say more? Riding in an oven...

As I approach Phoenix from the south I encounter a huge sandstorm covering the interstate. Freaky! The sand and lack of visibility doesn't scare me so much, it's the other interstate drivers...

I evade the helicopters and find Dave's place. Holy hell Phoenix is no joke in the summer!

Sweet machinery...

I'm sad we aren't going to be violating the back-country on our gnarly KTM Adventure bikes, but I'm sure we'll manage to have PLENTY of fun on the asphalt sport touring.

Luckily Dave didn't catch me taking pics looking up his tail-pipe...

And off we go! At least we're free to use the HOV lanes. Grand Canyon adventure here we come!

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