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Day 3

Day 3 is a route from Vernal, UT to Flaming Gourge, UT with a bit of a meander thru a part of Colorado. Started out about 7:30 am and had to get a photo of Vernal from Diamond Mountain Road heading north to Diamond Valley since I had not taken any in town.

Stopped along the road and a couple of salty older dudes stopped and asked where we were going. They asked what our route was and if we were going to the swinging bridge. I told them that we were and they said "Good for you. Just take off and go like hell". They were a couple of good old boys driving a flatbed truck with a couple of dogs chained on the flatbed. We saw them further down the trail later in the day.

Saw this old building off the road. I am not sure what it is but I had to get a photo of it. I presumed it to be a cabin for cow punchers out in the open range.

Kept on truckin on the way to Marshalls Draw.

This is the beginnings of Marshalls Draw. This is a really cool draw thru rock faced walls on either side about 800 feet or more high.

We stopped at the end of the draw and took a break. Had a bit of a lunch and rode on.

Then we headed out for the swinging bridge on the Green River.

And there she be, the swinging bridge. Pretty cool!

Then it is off to Flaming Gourge and looking back on the Green River. Stopped on the top of the hill at a roadside overlook.

We finally have arrived at our destination for the day, Flaming Gourge and the Flaming Gourge Reservoir.

We drove past the dam to the Red Canyon Lodge and had lunch. There was afternoon weather moving in and it rained while we were there so we waited for it to pass then we rode back across the dam to Mustang Ridge and camped for the night. The first pics are of the Red Canyon Lodge Gift Shop and Restaurant. There was a pond there as well that you could paddle out onto. We talked the waitress into taking our photo. Then we moved inside when the rains came.

As we drove back to the dam we took some photos of the dam and the bridge on the west side of the dam. It was raining on us a bit when we came across it the first time so we were bookin it to get west of it and to Red Canyon Lodge.

Next stop, Mustang Ridge Campground. This is the only campground in the area that had a shower. It is located about a mile north of Dutch Johns Convenience Store across the reservoir from the dam. We could walk right down to the waters edge. There were people fishing and swimming right at the shoreline below us. The water was crystal clear. This reservoir has produced record size trout. Keith was telling me some old timer has the record and he would go out in an inner tube at night and fish on the reservoir. We saw some pictures at the convenience store of some large trout that it took two people to hold.

Bill got some wood from the front gate keeper and we had a nice sized fire. Sat around and shot the bull for a while until the wood had about burned out and we hit the rack. We had a long day planned tomorrow so we needed to get up early. Slept great except for the foreigners in the next campsite jabbering late into the night. We gave them a good wakeup calll the next morning bright and early when we cranked up our bikes on the way out. The one thing I failed to bring was my Ipod. Oh well, no big thing. That is it for day three. More to come.
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