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Day 5 continued....

We headed down the pass continuing on Sawyers Bar Rd. The scenery was spectacular. The road follows the North Fork of the Salmon River as it narrows and gets even twistier.

There was a SERIOUS drop off to the left. About 500 feet straight down was my guess. If you'll notice, you are looking directly down onto the tops of the trees below.

Here is another video I shot on this section. The road was like this for hours!! Music by Face to Face.

After we passed Forks of Salmon, the river was now on our right. There were frequent bursts of speed and pushing the limits followed by interludes of waiting for the Goldwing. We would always stop and chat for a minute or two before continuing on. Our conversations were always about the same. "MAN! This is freaking incredible!"

It was hot this day. Trevor and I were riding along and came across this cool spot. There was a trickle of a stream running down the mountain here. It was enough to cool it off by almost 15 degrees! This was one of our "wait for Dad" spots.

It was also the point that Dad surrendered to the road and the curves. "I'm so ready for some straight roads right now!!!"

Dad's wish would not come true for a number of miles. The road got even twistier and narrower!! I didn't think it was possible. But, yes, actually it was. My Benchmark Atlas has a note by this section of road, "Single lane road with NO turnouts." Accurate.

Here is the video. I left the music off this one so you can hear the Tiger. I never got the rpms high enough to get that terrible vibration sound. No room for error here.

Too soon this section was over. I was so happy with my choice of road. I had never ridden on a section of mountain road like this that is paved!

We came out to Highway 96 at Somes Bar. Dad's GPS said to head North to get to the campground in the Redwoods that we had reserved for the night. Dad wanted the shortest route because it was getting to be a LONG day at this point. Not a lot of miles, but a very mentally taxing day. Lots of beautiful scenery to take in and a high level of concentration required on these very twisty roads.

The problem with the GPS' route was it was taking us back to Happy Camp and on the same road that my first video with Social D was shot on. That was a lot of the same stuff we'd already seen. Dad wasn't listening my argument and took off. I was following along in the back of the pack, but I just wouldn't submit to doing the same road on this trip. I sped ahead and stopped the group at pull out after only a few miles. Trevor didn't take much convincing. Once I pulled out the map and showed Dad where we were and where we had to go (A GPS is useless for route planning), he became agreeable. I showed him that it was nearly equidistant whether we went to the North or the South. And if we went to the South, we were on new roads and would get to follow the Cali Coast before making it to camp. I won and we were off to the South.

Off to the South we went. We hit another very fast section on 96 just to the North of Hoopa, CA. I didn't get a video, but Trevor and I were on our game and hauling ass. I got foot peg on both sides at least twice on this section!!

We stopped for gas in Hoopa. There were some very shady characters on this reservation. One native was very high and very persistent about asking for money. It made Trevor and I very uncomfortable. Dad was oblivious and taking his time as usual. It was time to go!!! Trevor took off and I was waiting to pull out. Dad still not ready. Trevor did a U turn right in front of a cop and I thought for sure he was gonna get pulled over. Dad was finally ready and not a moment too soon. I was ready to be gone!

We made a right at 299 and headed for the Pacific Ocean. Trev and I were hauling ass again. Only because we had several cars that were hauling ass in front of us. The air began to cool as we got closer to the ocean.

Trev and I stopped as soon as the speed limit jumped and it went to divided highway. Trev put on his jacket and I wish I had. Dad went speeding by and Trev and I rushed to catch up. Then we passed dad waiting for us! Man, sometimes we have a hard time getting it together.

Finally!! The 101!!!

Dad followed the wrong way through the construction zone and took us on a little detour. So, this was fist glimpse of the ocean!

Now back on the 101. Now off the 101 for a pee break and clothing change. The temp really dropped!! I added my jacket and Dad changed pants and jacket..

Now we really saw the Pacific!!


We stopped in Orick and got beer for the night. On to Elk Prairie Campground in the Redwoods! Yes, there are actually Elk at Elk Prairie!

We arrived late and our site was difficult to find. We circled several times before we figured out how to get there. Once there, it was dark. We began to look over the small space that we had. All three of us began setting up at the same time to get the flattest spot.

"You do realize we are racing, right?"

Everyone said yes. Tent up, pad inflated, bag out, beer cracked. I won!!

Dad and I headed to the showers and tried to get firewood from the camp host. It's after nine and the camp host is in bed and the firewood is locked. Really? 9:00? In the height of tourist season? I guess there will be no fire tonight.

Hopefully the showers will be better. It's $0.50 for five minutes and a guy was nice enough to break a dollar for us since, once again, the camp host has change and they are in bed. It took me nearly a minute of my five to get the temp right. It was very finicky. There was no bench to set clothes on and the entire floor gets soaked. There's no separation between the changing and shower areas. A pretty poor design overall, but beggars can't be choosers. Once the temp was adjusted, it was four minutes of heaven.

After the shower, it was back to the site to make a little food. Dinner and one more beer. I done for the day. Exhausted and totally satisfied with an incredible day of riding. Trevor and Dad stayed up for a bit, but not much longer. It was to be another big day tomorrow.
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