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Day 2, Salida to Lake City

I think we left our "accommodation" for the Patio Pancake House around 8am. During breakfast a bunch of guys walked up and started looking over my bike. They must have been checking it out for a good 15 minutes. At one point they started sticking fingers behind the headlight mask so I tapped on the window to let them know I was watching . A bit later another guy showed up and started looking at the bike. I'm rarely this popular. I went outside and it turned out it was inmate bakerman from the UK, I guess the other guys were his buddies. I'd seen Bakerman post pics of his Rallye RFS with an LC4 28l tank before on the 525 as an adventure bike thread. Turns out he was having some bike issues, had hit a cow earlier and probably broken some ribs

Anyways, breakfast was good, pancakes with whatever you want inside them. I like it when they mix the additions in the batter, not just scattering them on the top. I think I had chocolate chip, banana and pecan. Good stuff!

We then burned 20 minutes looking for a bank. Loser tip of the day -- we'd already decided we were going to stay in Lake City as we were going to take an extra half day the following day and ride around the San Juan's -- but if you plan to ride Salida to Rico in one day, you need to be rolling a lot earlier than 10.30am, probably closer to 8am.

I found the ride upto Hancock totally exhausting. I'd not given any thought to the altitude. Flying into Denver from sea level and going upto 12500 feet within 36 hours was not my greatest idea. I saw Brian stop to pick up Todd's luggage, it was on a tricky part of the trail. I should have stopped lower down and walked up but instead I rode up next to him and couldn't then get a good start so I had to push the bike around a bit which totally wiped me out.

A few pics. Toddler heading up the jeep trail towards Hancock Pass

Brian climbing towards the summit

From the other side of Hancock, Todd and Brian still at the summit

Since we planned to stay in Lake City and not Rico, it was obvious we were going to be arriving early, so instead we went looking for some off-TAT riding. I found this trail labelled "Crystal Creek Road"

Located here:

Further down the trail it got steep and turned into single track, at this point my clutch started to slip pretty badly pulling from standing and I had visions of the bike not making it past CO so Brian scouted ahead. Few minutes later he came back and wasn't sure the trail went through, so we turned around and rode it back to the road. Good mix of terrain, fun!

Once we get back to the main road we spend a few minutes adjusting my clutch. I'd installed one of the cLever lever reduced pull clutch levers. We thought we'd readjusted it to eliminate the slipping but it would later turn out we'd not.

Back on 788 I'm coming round a slight corner on a pretty straight section of road, doing 45. I see the cop but I can't recall seeing a speed sign so I don't slow down figuring I can't possibly be speeding. On come the flashers so I pull over. Hinsdale County sherrif informs me that the speed limit is 25 miles per hour in the county and I was doing 43. I ask how I'm supposed to know this since there are no signs and his reply is "well what speed do you think it is, whatever you want" . After producing my paperwork I get let off with a warning.

We arrive in Lake City around 6pm. As Brian said, the lady at the country story was incredibly helpful. Thanks to her we find a very reasonable room ($55) at the Backcountry Basecamp. I think we were in room one. The owner is very friendly and lets us do our laundry. Excellent place, highly recommended.

Only one problem for the following day, when I finally got into bed I felt like crap and was shivering ..........

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