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Quitting Riding Motorcycles

Rode BMW's with a sidecar summer and winter when younger. About 1978 an altercation with a Toronto streetcar on a wet slippery winter's night destroyed the chair, the bike and my physical being. Three years later purchased a new Honda Goldwing, and started to ride, again. Four years ago and now retired and still riding was told I had cancer stage C III and it would be best if I lost my left kidney and my spleen and all my lymph nodes, all riddled with cancer. A long surgery followed by chemo of three years with breaks in between ensured whatever strength I had was now gone. The Goldwing had been well used, had over 500,000 on the clock and it too was tired.

Was physically weak and unable to do many things I could once do. Even driving an automobile was difficult.

Sold the Goldwing with much reluctance. In the process of the cancer chemo discovered I had Lupus which explaied the heavy perspiration under my leathers from years before. Am a very big person, close to seven feet in height and weighing about 400 pounds. Have always been enormous from grade school through secondary school and in the working world. Have thought of returning to motorcycling perhaps with a sidecar once again (have no love for trikes) however even finding a large enough tug is well nigh impossible. There would have to be serious alterations performed to the machine for me to ride again.
It is bad enough looking for a new motor vehicle to replace my 14 year old Honda Civic. Not much with sufficient leg room and head room and comfort. And if I was to return to motorcycling, would look for custom made non-leather riding wear.

Presently there are too many negative factors; large protective motorcycle riding boots can be found, however often are not wide enough, ditto fabric based riding wear, gloves (I can still pick up a fully inflated basketball with one hand) and of course large helmets (head size is now 8.75) which means I'd have to really look for something.

At age 65 do I really want to start all over again? As it is even lifting a leg over a motorcycle saddle can be fraught with difficulties. And too all those people wI rode with years before are now gone, either deceased or have stopped riding a motorcycle for various reasons. Life changes, and with it our own outlook on life itself.

I don't travel stateside for various political reasons however that's where many people prefer to tour. Nope, the idea is good, the possibilities are not endless. And the roads are becoming populated by more and more vehicles with drivers who have a total disregard for rules and laws.

And yes have lost friends, more from cancer and coronary thrombosis than from trauma post motorcycle incidents. The young riders of today still consider themselves indestructable; i always wore full leathers top to bottom and heavy construction boots and welder's goves for protection. The helmt was often the largest Bell, with the foam lining pressed with a rounded object to relieve pressure points. Life was good, then; now am still alive and dreaming wistfully.

Returning to ride depending upon your ow mental being as well as where you dwell makes a difference whether you return or not.

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