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Super Mini mounting

There are some great mount points at the seat end as discussed already. Up front, I wanted the straps to leave the bag at their intended angles; ie: splayed just slightly outward to give some lateral stability and so everything could be as flat and neat as possible. Wrapping the supplied strap around or through the headstock & headstock bracing doesn't accomplish this; the straps are drawn together along the centerline of the bike. It's possible to pass the provided strap through the headstock bracing and then out to either side and under the air inlets, then up to the tank bag, but that's too wide.

I found the perfect solution was to cut the supplied strap into two pieces and anchor each one to the braces for the radiator mounts. To do this, I made two triangular hooks out of some heavy steel wire, and sewed one end of each strap around one. These hooks fit into the roughly 1/2" lightening holes in the radiator brackets. The straps then go straight up to the bag. I added a ladder lock buckle to each strap as well, so that once he length is set they never loosen. At this point, I also trimmed the neoprene pad back to give better clearance around the ignition switch, power port and my electric jacket controller which is mounted to the right of the ignition switch.

The bag still sit's far enough back that I do press against it when standing, but only a little & I think it'll be fine. It's very stable and fits a DSLR with generous foam padding, nothing more.

The only downside to my mounting system is I need to remove the two front straps if I remove the bag, since they would come un-hooked and fall off otherwise. That's also a positive though, as it leaves the bike cleaner.
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