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Originally Posted by av_mech View Post
It was also the point that Dad surrendered to the road and the curves. "I'm so ready for some straight roads right now!!!"

Dad's wish would not come true for a number of miles. The road got even twistier and narrower!! I didn't think it was possible. But, yes, actually it was. My Benchmark Atlas has a note by this section of road, "Single lane road with NO turnouts." Accurate.
I think it went more like, "I give up! You win! God I just want a piece of straight open highway..."

Sounded just like Ewan McGregor as he's riding some of the most epic terrain in Mongolia, "Whatever happened to just a bit of tarmac, you know, just a little bit of asphalt? And what happened to third, fourth, fifth and sixth gears? Whatever happened to dry clothes? Whatever happened to being able to sit on a motorbike without falling off it?"

Different strokes for different folks. I could sit on my bike in several positions since I could put my feet on the highway pegs, normal pegs, or lay down like a rice rocket and put my feet on the passenger pegs. It didn't matter. My back hurt in every position. Unless the road was twisty, then I was fully concentrated on trying to brake later and hold more speed through the corners. It was the only place I could hold off the Tiger and also the only place that could keep my mind off the constant pain and fatigue in my back. Once the road straightened out I might accelerate up to 85 or 90, but the KLX is just tapped out and screaming at that point and I back off to a more comfortable speed. The straight open road was the worst for me, and here Dad is begging for it
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