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Finally finished up the intake, and thought I had to beat in the tank a bit more... so I did, and made a little hole.

Had to wash out the tank an brazed it up, which was fine. Bike was starting and idling OK, but some residual water got in the fuel, so I drained everything out, and the bike stuttered and died after a weak idle.

I redrained the fuel after letting it sit, and I"m pretty sure I got all the water out. No joy.

Pulled fuel rail and injectors, cleaned them out for good measure, but they are spraying just fine. Pulled and cleaned the plugs, which looked pretty good. Plugs were firing well. I pulled the air cleaner, but that makes no difference.

I've got the battery on a tender, and the bike is cranking well. I don't have a way to measure compression, but it sounds ok and air was coming out of the plug holes when cranked w/o them... not a helluvalot, but it's not a single, which is what I'm used to, so I figure that's ok. I figure if it were weak compression the bike would at least pop.

Wiring? It's getting spark, turns, fuel pump works, and the dash works ok, no dummy lights on... so I'm stumped. Major internal stuff (no funny noises though) or something completely simple and stupid are my guesses now.

Bummer, I was really hoping to put her back to work.
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