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Originally Posted by Ball and Chain View Post
It is actually not the rim that gives the problems. It's the combination of rear hub and cush drive. The cush drive fits onto 8 studs from the hub, but the studs can't handle the power of the 990. It snaps off. My hub is destroyed and I'm struggling now for 10 weeks and still no answer. The supplier now wants to tell me the chain was to to tight.

The sprocket is also a problem. It fits onto the cush drive with 8 studs into the hub. (no lock nuts) Mine came loose within the first 200km's. Lock tite don't help either. I replaces the studs with bolts with lock nuts. The sprocket is in a worse condition after 3800 km's than the standard sprocket was after 18000 km's.
10 weeks is long time to wait. I would hope they would want to see you hub to help improve the product. Is there any kind of warranty on these? Let us know how you make out.
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