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Cape Town killarney race track

Got up at a reasonable hour around 9:30am had breakfeast and just hung around the house for awhile. Headed down to Killarney race track at about 12:30 it was only 10k's away so a short ride. Followed the Gps to where it said it was and it had me turning off the N1 into a settlement, I thought this is the Bmw training ground, just go into a settlement and get chased by the locals and either improve your riding skills or get robbed.

I turned off the highway at the next intersection cause I saw the local crew playing soccer, so went down just next to the settlement and watched the boys play. Lets just say they were fairly ordinary, none of those guys will be scouted but they all were having fun thats for sure. This is quite near the city of Cape Town, well on the outskirts of the city and the gear they had and the field they were playing on was ordinary so im guessing the fields and gear in Ethiopia will be much the same if not worse so they will be stoked to get all the gear we are bringing to them.

Got to the race track a little late but all good the crew was all there, Bazil was there as was Rynere so said my hello's to the boys and headed over to the race track. Rynere was riding soon and Bazil had to leave to go to another do so I was just there watching the bikes. Was really good to be standing right next to the race track and watching the Bm's flying past at 250 odd k's an hour. All types of bikes from the Bmw rr 1000 to chicks on Gs 650's
Got talking to a few of the local guys from the Bmw club looks like a really nice crew of people. I ended up hanging around for quite awhile standing in pit lane on the track wall watching the boys flying around. I left there around 4ish then and hit the road home stopping at maccas for dinner, 753 maccas in Africa, I think im down to 741 to go, I really have to stop eating wimpys and all the other crap if im going to put a real dent in that number.

Dropped into the local shops to grab some money to pay my bill here and got talking to the local car park security guys. Ended up having a chat with them for awhile, one of the boys had tried to extend his antenna by himself and I got talking to him about that cause he'd stuffed it up and as it was what I used to do I explained the most likely mistake he'd made. Usually when people do jobs like that themselves they leave a connection loose so I guessed that would be his problem, ill dop back down in the next few`days to see how he went. Jumped back on my bike and headed back home I like it around here its a really nice area and Susan and her mum seem really nice.

Anyway said I might leave tomorrow but ill decide whats going on then its due to be really nice riding weather for the next few days so will head`down to Cape Point and Simons Town and see if I can find Traceys yacht and stay on it for a night or two.

The boys gearing up ready for the time on the track.
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