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Cape Town in search of Canon

Slept into this morning, well sort of ive been waking up at 6 then going back to sleep. Had all good intentions of leaving today and lying there early I thought it would be ideal to get up and hit the road so what did I do, thought f$%k it rolled over and went back to sleep. Ive never been a morning person unless im walking out of an all night venue so it was slumber land for me for a few more hours.

Rolled out of the fart sack at a reasonable hour the sun was high enough in the sky not to cast to long a shadow. Spent a bit of time reading some adventure stories on Namibia and Malawi im looking forward to getting there but reading blogs is a great way to get information on where to go and what to see in some of the less touristy destinations.

Decided to go see if I could track down some more printing stuff for the portable printer I've got and headed over to the bigger shopping centre about 10 minutes away near Sable. Got an address off them for the Canon guys over in Montague Gardens so headed off for another 15 minutes ride to there. Ok where the f$%k is this joint theres business parks in there hundreds and im looking for central park business estate so im guessing its in the middle somewhere. Stopped to ask directions yeah righto you think you would learn they dont know where it is, i must admit if i was in a hurry it would be a bit of a pain but the more im cruising around the more im seeing of Cape Town.

While I was`riding down one of the roads I saw this chick walking down the road in a yellow tank top with the best rack so I immediatly turned the bike around and stopped to ask her directions. Everyone had been telling me about the gorgeous women in Cape Town but im sorry to say im not even sure she had a head but ohhhh mumma, I know i hear ya chicks "oh Sheldon" hey im only a mere male in the washup, ha ha.

Ended up finding Canon and they were no help and sent me on a merry chase to see another place right in the Cbd so off I go into town. It was a really nice day for a ride so was enjoying riding around lost. Ended up in obviously the wrong place and a seedy part of town but hey there was a Kfc so it wasnt all bad and partly civilized. Stopped and looked up google on my phone and realised there was another Long street about 25 minute away so thought id give that a go. Rode into town and around and around and yep this is the one, found some parking on the footpath and walked around the corner to Cameraland.

Walk in cool, got the paper and the battery for the printer which I was thinking of getting as the 12 volt charger doesent seem to have enough charge to do the printing off the bike battery. Waited around for awhile they had the battery but no printer paper or the cartridges which is what I needed though ive got about 150 sheets to use and ink for that. I ordered some paper and ink hopefully they will have them in for me but oh well ill work that out as I go, if they dont get it in time so be it theres lots of other big cities on my trip.

The battery for the printer cost 750 rand about a 100 bucks a bit expensive but it will be great to be able to give the more remote kids the photos I take other than just the city kids ive been giving them to at the moment. Got back on the bike and rode around heading in the general direction of home you can see it from the everywhere its the first ridge line outside of the city to the north so just kept heading that way.

Traffic was really heavy as it was peak hour but just enjoyed cruising along slowly enjoying the view of Table Mountain and the city. Got home and had a rest was pretty rooted actually been on the search for this stuff and getting home after 6 hours riding and searching, was a very interesting day seeing alot of the different suburbs of Cape Town along the way.

Had a chat to Susan for a little while and asked how come they are bed and breakfeasts and not bed and dinners. Talked about the Afrikaans lingo and how hard it is to understand some of it and their pronounciations of things.
Went up to my room and started packing my stuff up, tomorrow I will make a move to Cape Point and down to Simons Town. Pacjing away for awhile and there's a knock on my door, Susan had made a nice steak and vegies dinner for me, now that's a nice surprise. Pigged it down and took the plate back down to say thank you and then just cruised back and have just been relaxing now doing my blog for the day.

Watching some documentry on TV on September 11, shit its nearly 10 years ago, crazy stuff thats gone fast. When I see docos on this stuff it always reminds me of a comment the x President Bill Clinton said in a speech after it, that if the Americans spent 5% of the increase of the military budget after 9/11 they could feed everyone in Africa for 2 years, thats 5% of the increase not the actual budget, bloody silly the wars we fight arent they.

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