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Originally Posted by westnash
Your prices are a little off as is the mileage. I rear bearing causing a breakdown in boo foo egypt and repaired at dealer every 40k is way too much....and this is after following the bmw maint schedule,,,there is nothing maintenance free or even maintenance cheap about anything with a BMW roundel!
My price is off? My Mileage is off? With the lack of mechanical knowledge you've demonstrated on this site, your opinion carries little weight. One look at your thread history, and it's pretty clear that you blame your bike in instances where human error and lack of knowledge have been the primary culprit. And now you troll around looking for every opportunity to express how slighted you feel that the extra $6000 you spent on the blue/white roundel didn't actually buy you an invincible maintenance-free machine (not that you've actually had a final drive problem). Lacking the wherewithall to successfully sue them for such audacity, you instead take solace in the petty jibes you can mete out on the Internet.

As for the price range, just take a look at Dennis Kirk's webpage a little. $200 for a top-of-the-line chain and sprocket set. I know you're pretty frugal, though, so click down to the economy chains with the cheap-ass o-rings that don't last for shit...You have to go for the close-out priced POS's to get down to $37. Most of them are around $60-$90. Right about what I said. A nice D.I.D chain...about $171--even more than the range I mentioned.

As for the mileage, that's obviously going to have a huge variance as to when you'll need to swap out. But after googling around a bit, I'm pretty sure I'm right on target with my estimates...particularly in an adventure-riding crowd. The numbers posted: 10-13kmi...12.5kmi...13kmi...15kmi. The truth is you can eke out more with easy riding and routine maintenance, but trusting a ragged out chain is basically identical to trusting a ragged out driveshaft. Both will eventually get you stuck when you don't want to be.

Which gets me back to the original point...given the choice between a driveshaft that might flake out on me somewhere north of 40kmi versus chains that flake out somewhere north of 12kmi, I'll take the driveshaft.

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