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Originally Posted by drdata
Driveshaft, good point. My only issue is that the degree of raggegness can easily be seen on a chain. Seems the older (11xx) FD also had some built in inspection/maintenance. The new FDs on the r12 do not have a drain plug, nor do thay have the magnet to collect metal.

These units should not be sealed for life, and there should be a way to inspect (easily) so one can plan. If I missed this for the R12, please advise.


PS> I know that the fluid can be swapped, but what about metal bits, and if the dealer finds out I had the unit opened up should the FD later fail, have I voided the "lifetime" warranty?
Yeah, I agree--that's the one thing about exposed chains that gave me some sense of comfort. Seeing tooth wear and marking off chain stretch were definitely useful in planning. It doesn't help so much in indicating when you're going to get a rock in there, jamming up the exposed drive (rare on the street, but more common when you throw in dirt and mud tracks). But it does help for general wear-and-tear.

Those guys really put a stake in the ground with the R12, and it really rubs me wrong, for obvious reasons. I'm not buying the whole "lifetime warranty" either--not with their track record. It's going to take a long burn-in time to make me a believer on that. So, I'll reserve my judgement till...say...2007.
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