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I've got some questions for the Vortex owners here...

I've spent quite a bit of time screwing around with my '08 SMC. You know, trying different maps, playing with the F-L switch in TuneECU, replacing the fuel filter and cleaning the injector, adjusting the throttle sensors, all the standard stuff. The result is that my bike always starts easily, idles well, and pulls cleanly through the rev range with good power. No complaints there.

But whatever I do, I still can't get rid of that on-off lurch at low throttle openings. Drives me crazy during my commute as there's a good section of moderately heavy surface street traffic moving about 25 mph. It's very hard to be smooth. I get a lesser version of the same issue in third and fourth steady-state cruise. I can't get rid of it.

So my question is this: with all the other benefits of the Vortex I read about in the now vanished thread, does it fix _my_ problem? More power, quicker response, all that's great, I just want to be able to ride smoothly in traffic and slow dirt sections.
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