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Originally Posted by JMo (& piglet) View Post
... these next couple of weeks in the USA (trying really hard not to break anything again!)...

Watch this space, as they say...

Toot toot!

Jenny x
And are "these next couple of weeks" literally these next couple of weeks?

I've been hoping that someday I might find myself, and a bike or two, of course, in the same locale as you
so I could say "HOWDY" properly. But if it's really the next couple and if your earlier mention of Moab is related,
, as I'm totally committed in Tejas.

But should you find yourself down in Big Bend (Study Butte/Terlingua), oh, 'round 23-26 September, you'd likely
find a 640 Adv waiting for you. The 'Berg FE400 would have been a perfect loaner but Big Bird, alas, remains
in the STOLEN column.
So many bikes, so little time (and money)
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