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Originally Posted by cxwing
Driveshaft, can you elaborate on what's different for the 1200, as opposed to the 1150. I'm at 31Kmiles on a 1.5 year old bike. I'm on my third seal failure and fear the end of the warranty period as I'm a total noob regarding mechanics, but I'm learning (I'm still at level 0, but at least I'm trying
:grinner )
IF I'm assuming correctly, a seal failure is different from a bearing failure- but might somehow be related.

3x in 31k? Ouch!

Did they give any idea as to what was wrong?

There's a part of me that wonders if the seal was replaced, without the underlying cause being treated- but perhaps that's just wishful thinking.

All I gotta say is that after checking the replacement procedure, it seems to me that taking some time every 10 or 15k to check out a final drive is acceptable to me; well, TBH, I would say "it's not the end of the world".

I would prefer such things NOT need be done- but if they are, then so be it.

After all, people in this world deal with desmodromic valve adjustments, chain and sprocket replacement (as has been pointed out), wheel bearing replacement- so I guess this might simply be a cross to bear.
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