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Originally Posted by tdreyer View Post
I was about to link you to SMJ but I see you just asked over there yesterday. itune seems to have the "motard" map all figured out with Vortex. It's a fair chunk of change but seems to be the best $$ spent on the 690, dirt or tard.
Thanks. I think I'm gonna pull the trigger on the Vortex, but I'm out of town parts of three of the next four weeks so no hurry right now. Plus I'm _still_ waiting on the replacement fuel injector I ordered I don't know how long ago.

Here's the thing I don't quite understand, maybe someone has seen this, or maybe an answer lived in our dear departed threadfest. If I do the 15 minute idle, then go for a ride, the jerkiness is very nearly gone. But after a couple of hours of riding, it comes back. It's not a heat thing as the problem persists through all subsequent rides until I redo the 15 minute thing. It's like it learns how to behave, but it can't remember the particulars very long. Strange.
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