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Cape town to Cape of Good Hope to Simons Town

Got up and finished packing the bike up so by around 10 I was ready to go. Had a chat to Susan for awhile then jumped on the bike and hit the road. Road down towards the coast could of just hit he N1 into town but this was a sight seeing ride so the coast it was. The north side of the city is pretty standard beaches just like anywhere really so kept cruising into town. Just around the corner from Cape Town city central the area becomes a bit more upper class obviously this neck of the woods is where it gets the tag little Monaco but im guessing Monaco doesent have a filthy big dock sitting in front of it with run down ships in there being worked on, well maybe it has maybe iíll find out one day.

Kept heading out of town on the coast road, im guessing pretty expensive to stay around here, it reminded me a lot of Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast high rise right on the beach everywhere pretty much a cement desert but the board walk looked nice.

Next village or town was Camps Bay, looks like a good place to hang out lots of nice restaraunts beer gardens etc right on the beach so if your into that sort of thing Camps Bay would be a nice place to hang out. Very scenic and great looking beach. Did think about stopping for a drink but decided to keep riding still had a few hours riding ahead of me.

Next place was Haugt Bay I think thats how itís spelt very pretty around here. Went off the highway and down to the beach front was alot of surfers here surfing some smallish waves but the water looked great. Was interesting to see a big sign warning of Great White sharks im sure that must put off any one other than die hard surfers which is always a good thing, maybe its something Byron Bay could look at doing lol

From there the road became more a rural highway what a ride, would be fantastic to have it by your self you could certainly hump along here and have some fun but the scenary is breath taking so crusing along and taking it all in is just as nice for the first time.

Rode along alot of it with my camera in my hand videoing it was quite spectacular and certainly one of the rides you should do if you are in South Africa and you always have the Cape of Good Hope at the end as a goal.
Arrived at the entrance to Cape of Good Hope where they hit you up for 80 Rand ok about 11 bucks aussie so not to bad for a National Park.

Its certainly a nice view down at Cape Point but its the most South Westerly point not the most southerly point which is Cape Líagulhas. Why I was there I thought to myself why not have the most SSE point and the NNE NWE and all the different points on the compass as they all have to be there somewhere. In saying that it certainly is a beautiful part of the world looking back into False Bay.

Got the little train service they had that runs up to the lighthouse, I know lazy shit but hey its like 4 bucks aussie return and looks like about a 20 minute steep hike up tp the top.

Did the regulation photo shoot up there and then headed over to the restaraunt and grabbed a pizza and a coke for lunch. Got talking to an really nice Indonesian guy from Jakarta who had lived in Sydney for awhile he was over here for a week or two, I really dont know how people travel like that would be rush rush rush, iíve been in South Africa for over 2 months now and I feel like ive been rushing through.

Went down to official South westerly point you know the one where all the photos are taken got one of me then everyone pissed off so I grabbed the bike and parked in front of the sign and took another. Always a good way to spoil a good photo by putting my mug in it. Ok it was about 4:30 so had to start making tracks to find accomodation. Rode into Simons Town 30 odd kís away and the did the regulation look around actually took me 4 joints this time but the first one was up a massive hill with the bike parked on the street so it would of been a mission to unpack and pack the bike the next was like shitloads, over a 100 bucks aussie a night so that was out. I know im being a bit tight with money and the more i spend on a bed the less I have for hitting the piss.
Ended up back just out of town where they do the penguin watching and went down and asked they wanted to much again so went 50 metres up the road and found a nice little self catering place for bugger all with amazing views so that was me im in. Its so nice here ill probably hang for a few days. I should email Andy from Ecotours sa and let him know im in town and grab a beer with him somewhere.

I saw False Bay yacht club as I was riding through town so Traceys yacht is here somewhere too so ill have a look for that tomorrow, at this stage ill probably just stay here but should go stay at least one night on the boat it would be a great part of the journey to say i stayed on a yacht in Simons Town South Africa.

All in all a great days riding with some amazingly spectacular scenary and 10 minutes ago i was watching penguins 10 metres from my door squarking away. Little ol happy feets better not be morning birds or there will be hell to pay I dont care how cute and protected they are lol

Lying on my bed I have an absolutely amazing view back across False Bay, ive certainly lucked a great place to stay and ilsa the lady that runs this place seems really nice too.

Time for slumber land Adios amigos

Haught bay

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