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Thank You

Originally Posted by dfishman View Post
Surprised I didn't see you.I know the *********creek rd you speak of.Had some "shine from there!I was looking for the white RK as Me & Teresa took the back way into Burkes Garden,but I guess it was too warm for you.
Great Pics.I drink my morning coffee right up the hill from the corn maze when up that way.
Hey Donnie! Don't know if you remember, but a bunch of us met you briefly at Mabry Mill a couple of years ago. Thanks for not divulging the name of the **** road; I'm kinda selfish that way. I'll gladly take someone there and show it to them, but I'd just as soon postpone the crowds as long as possible. Me 'n D 'n some of the C3 gang had a pact for several years to not online-identify VA 16 after we'd ride it, but I recently discovered it's being heavily promoted now, new web site and the like. Hate to see it turn into another Dragon...

Denise and I took the RK out of Burke's Garden the "wrong" way earlier this year. Great fun.

I know you and Teresa come up to Willville quite often - we REALLY need to hook up one of these days.

Thanks again. :-):-)
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