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Ok so my first ride report with an IICE-Aire.
IICE- Aire in stock (-20) setting, ambient air temp at 80ºF

It's like in the 'old days' just after a tune up and oil change. The engine runs really crisp and revs quicker and there's more POWER everywhere. So you wind up revving higher and shifting with abandon, in full hooligan mode. And the idle is smoother, and it pulls away from a stop with more authority, as in YeeeeHaaaa. The several hesitations (just off idle, and just after whacking the throttle open to name 2) are all improved.

So it's like a tune up in a little box, only this one won't fade away as the points pit and corrode and the plugs load up.
Just plug it in and feel the POWER!!! Muuwhahahaha

And yes it still shoots FLAMES and the howitzer sound effects are still available when in tunnels… just kidding about the flames

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