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Day 5

I thought it was time to finish my ride report and post the last day of the ride. Took off from Rawlings early Thursday morning and planned to get as close to Georgetown as we could by the end of day as we were planning on heading out Friday and at least driving halfway home. It was another windy one as we headed south out of Rawlins and were doing the lean to the right. Still open range to the south for a ways until we get into the Medicine Bow National Forest.

The antelope were in abundance on this morning. At one point we saw about 30 in a herd not too far from the road. I love to watch these animals run. They are way smarter than deer. This is open range so there are no fences. They come a running up on us at a diagonal and we would speed up to cut them off and they would veer back on their side of the road and run right along side of us. Once the leader got across and we cut him off from the others that were following. They run more like a horse, very level no jumping or bounding like a deer. I am told they will not jump a fence. They prefer to go under the fence. I would like to see that.

Next stop Jack Creek Camp. I believe that is the camp in the background. Getting into the Medicine Bow National Forest. Beautiful country.

Bill and I leapfrogged each other most of the day which is what we did the last few days of the ride. He would be leading and stop to take a photo and I would pass on by then I would stop and so on.....

We came up on this tracked vehilce and a log across the road. We could hear the guy in the picker working back in the woods. So we sat there until he came back out dragging a cluster of logs. He drags the log that was in the road off and we pass on by.

10Cup had texted us about a road closure east of Aspen Alley on our route and suggested that we take Hwy 70 south when we hit it to avoid that road. I guess he had to reroute and rode thru some pretty rough stuff getting to Riverside where he spent the night. I took a few of these photos on the fly as you can see by the blurriness.

We stopped at Battle Mountain overlook on Hwy 70 and took a few photos. I guess there were a few battles with Indians and Trappers at this location.

About the time we are ready to head out a hired hand walks a horse and a couple of dogs down the highway. They came up the moutain from below.

Further down Hwy 70 we come along an area where the highway had just slid down the hill.

Down in the valley below.

I am not sure if they are cleaning up a rock slide or it is just a good place to get rock.

Once we tie back into our route from Hwy 70 we ride down Slater Creek on Co-1. There is a cattle rancher, the Hendricksons hunding lodge and a big house on the high plateau owned by a man named Porter. This valley that the creek runs down is really gorgeous.

This is a maintenance building that is a part of the Hendricksons Lodge. We stop to make a pit stop and we hear someone yell "HELP" real loud. Couldn't figure out where it came from or exactly what was yelled. He yelled again so Bill and I begin to walk toward the maintence building. I yelled "YO" and he yelled again and we asked him where he was and he kept yelling until we found where he was. He was on the roof of an little old schoolhouse that was sitting on a skid on the other side of the maintenance building They had brought it from Meeker to set down there on some concrete pilings. The ladder that he was using had fallen and he was stuck on the roof. Bill set the ladder up for him and down he comes. He was glad to see us and offered a cold drink at the lodge but we said we had to be going. What a hoot!

So we are off again having made our rescue for the day.

We come up on this whole herd of sheep some of which are just laying in the middle of the road. I had to ride right up to them to get them to move. We didn't spook them in the least.

We ride into Hayden about 1:30 or so and we realize that we can make Georgetown by 6 pm or so. We stop and have lunch in a park there and press on to Kremmeling. The Yampa River runs right by Hayden. Bill tried to tell me there was some drop dead gorgeous lady in a bikini down swimmin. Sounds like a Mikey story to me.

After we passed thru Hayden we were enroute to Kremmerling via part of the Routt National Forest, Oak Creek and Phippsburg.

The Last Chance Ranch.

Oak Creek

The Black Dog Inn in Phippsburg that was closed for the season. Black Dog absorbed all my light for the photo.

From there we pretty much slabbed it to Kremmerling. About 13 miles outside of Kremmerling on Hwy 137 coming down the North Fork Pass Bills rear wheel bearing decides to go out as he is making a sharp curve coming down a pretty steep grade on slab. I go back to see why he isn't joining me at the bottom of this descent and find out he can only travel about 10 MPH with a distinct wobble in his rear wheel. There is no cell service on this side of the mountain so we decide that I should go ahead and call our friends Keith and Sue and have them bring Bills truck and pick us up. Once I get to Hwy 40 I have cell service and call and Sue begins to search for Keith. I went on to Kremmerling to wait for them to call me back with a plan. I get a call from Keith about an hour later and says he is on his way. Kremmerling is only about 45 miles from Georgetown so I head back to where I last saw Bill and as I am heading out of town I see him off to the side of the road. He had limped into Kremmerling by that time so we wait for Keith to come pick us up. We got the bikes unpacked and when Keith arrived we loaded the bikes and headed back to Georgetown. When we gpt back we went to the Alpine Lodge next door to the Mountain Inn where we stayed the night and ate pizza.And believe me we ate the whole thing.

Man, I had the best time on this ride and I look forward to doing something similar to this next year. Thanks to Bill, The Toyman for hooking up and riding this route with me. I couldn't have asked for a better sidekick to ride the Trails West. Thanks to 10Cup for putting the route together and inviting me along. Too bad his schedule got messed up and we couldn't have ridden some of the route together. And thanks to my good friends Keith and Sue for being so gracious to take the time to show us around and make us feel welcome. Well that about sums it all up. I will hopefully see you all down the trail.
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