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Your first complaint!

Here you are guys, your first gripe about your product. Actually, it's not a gripe about the product, which is good, just it's functionality under what must be a fairly common condition. I have a Garmin Nuvi 550 mounted to my Strom in a RAM Nuvi bracket. It sits on the brake reservoir (so what). Attaching the power cable is no problem, it goes in easy and is very firmly in position. The problem is removing the power cable. The RAM mount, if you haven't seen one, has a raised flange on two sides of the USB port, top and inner side. This makes it impossible to get a grip on the mini USB fitting and it takes a lot of tugging, cussing, pulling, cussing, and yanking (and cussing) to get it to come loose. It took about two and a half months of use before the mini USB part started to get loose in the plastic fitting and lose the connection. (I figure it was all the cussing that did it in.) RAM mount owners could use either a straight fitting or some kind of "grippy thingy" moulded or attached to the 90 degree mini USB fitting. I plan on buying another of your cables and coming up with my own mini-handle for the Nuvi cable.
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