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Simons Town and Boulders

Woke up around 9 beautiful morning to just hang around here. Went for a walk down the path between the front lawn and the beach there is penguins everywhere. Took a few photos, you can get so close to them they certainly cute little things.

Around lunch time I headed down into town and suss out Tracey's yacht in the harbour and see what the deal is, I prked the bike down near the marina and walked over to the False Bay Yacht Club and asked about Tracey's yacht and yeah no probs I'm in the right spot. Walked over and its moored in the middle of the harbor pretty big thing I'm not exactly sure how long but it must be 30 odd foot or more. Jumped on and had a look around but it was locked up ill have to go into the office and get the keys on another day, at this stage I'm happy where I am even though its costing me money it just so nice and relaxing back over there in Boulders just out side of Simons Town. Talked to the guys ont he shark diving boat moored next to Traceys yacht they actually charge a hell of a lot more than they do up in Kliensbaai, nearly double which is a bit strange but oh well what ever you can get away with I guess, but 350 bucks is getting up there I wont be doing it again at that price.

Walked back over to the restaraunts and sat down grabbed a beer and ordered some calamari and prawns. Was really nice sitting there having a few beers and lunch so hung out there longer than I expected it was really nice on the waterfront relaxing enjoying the views. As I walked back over to my bike there was a couple standing there looking at it Kelly and Shelly were locals and got talking to them for a fair while. Always nice to meet local people anxd have a bit of a yarn.

I had left home a few hours ago ridden 3 k's and it was like 3:30 4 oclock so i thought id jump on and go for a bit of a ride. Rode a few suburbs away the train track runs right along the ocean front looks like it would be an amazing train ride even if short and if you commute to work along here it would be a nice way to start and end your day.Had a little look around at Fish Hoek but was getting a bit late so I headed back to the lodge over at Boulders. Stopped on the way to get a bit of food for dinner then went down as it was peak hour for the penguins and watched them for awhile they certainly don't fear us humans they were merrily dancing away doing there own thing.

Ilsa came over and asked if I wanted to go for a walk so chucked my shoes on and off we went with the dogs through the golf course on the other side of the hill here in Boulders, ill have to do it in the day time it looks very nice around here. Had a really nice chat Ilsa as we strolled around, she had been through some difficult times after an accident too so it was nice to talk to someone that went through alot of the ups and downs that I have been through in the recovery process. We got back home said good night and I came into my little apartment and crashed it's just so nice here I had have to say nearly the best so far, I can jsut lie on my bed and look out the front window over this amazing view over False Bay, you would think I would go and stay on the yacht for one night but this is certainly going to be hard to beat.

Traceys yacht

The view from my bed here in Boulders near Simons Town.
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