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The` weather was pretty shitty today so did Sweet FA which was bloody unreal I love doing nothing so when the weather comes in theres no excuse to go for a ride or do anything. I've still got this cough I've had for a few weeks and it is starting to shit me, im sick of it every f$#king year when the weather cools down, one day ill find the right medicine to fix it but the shit ive been given this year is just not cutting the mustard.
At one stage over the last few days I thought it was getting better but this shitty day has brought it back on. It really is annoying oh well eventually ill drag my hump back to the doctors again and try something else.

Basically hung around here all day uploading pictures to my blog in I dont know how many people actually read the blog on my website but over 3000 people have logged in on here as its a dedicated motorcycle adventure site.

I should spend some time doing more pictures but with Facebook, Advrider and my website blog it all just gets to much, I'll have to do something about it to lessen the workload with the blogging or it will become just to much and they will all suffer.
Met Ilsa's daughter and her friend Roz today, Roz knew Tracey from down the yacht club and told me that they will be out on Saturday night down there so might be a good excuse to go stay and have a few drinks.

Ilsa just came over and brought me a nice hot dinner which was really nice I was just starting to get hungry and it certainly beats jam sambos that I was looking at having.

The Tigers are playing tomorrow mid morning time here so looking forward to listening to that tomorrow, go the Tiges. No other plans im really just enjoying spending time in this amazing place walking out my front door and onto the beach watching the penguins in 20 seconds is pretty nice and relaxing.

The picture below is the view from the the front lawn yesterday, it really is beautiful here.
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