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Originally Posted by Principiante
I got my first bike at 50.....I was in my friends store looking for chemicals for the hot tub. He had a gorgeous H-D Electroglyde on display in the entry way. I wanted to try this bike, but it is a big bike, big bike. I rode it around the parking lot for a few minutes, but when he suggested that I take it home for the weekend, I didn't even dare drive it through traffic to get it home. I had no idea what I was getting into.....
Oh man, I am so glad you made it into riding without getting killed.

In so many ways you fit the stereotype of the older riders that are getting killed or injured. Older guy, successful in his career, not much time available (by both hours in the week and perceived years in life) but the money to buy whatever they want. No way will they start with a little learner bike and then work their way up in steps.

And, perhaps more significantly, used to being an authority in whatever they do and getting their way - high achiever - whether a Master of the Universe in finance, or, well a surgeon (here's a doc joke: what's the diff between a surgeon and God? God never thinks he's a surgeon....) or whatever. (Hey, I'm a lawyer...)

And so they buy a bigger or hotter bike than a noob has any business getting on, and proceed to get hurt. Sounds like you came close a few times. But they say that if you survive a year, you can ride forever. A least though a Glide is a huge bike, the weight damps what power it has and makes it less twitchy than a much lighter and smaller cc sportbike.

So you learned to ride and congrats to you - there surely have been others in your circumstances who ended up with a nasty surprise!
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