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Originally Posted by slowoldguy View Post

Warranty? It's two dudes in an internet (and possibly irl) basement. How much value do you put in their warranty? They ain't exactly IBM.

How 'bout this one. "Lifetime Warranty: We're two dudes in a basement. This coxsucka might just blow up yo' ride. WTF do we know? "

Everybody on this train has faith in the "team" and the product. If after reading the threads you don't , maybe it's time to move along.
I appreciate the confidence SOG, and the levity

The warranty is like most retail auto/moto electrical parts. No warranty.

As far as durability, I'd have to say that it's nearly as durable as the stock intake air temperature sensor. I say nearly because the stock sensor may be slightly more durable because it's located inside the airbox.


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