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Originally Posted by Cuttle View Post

can anybody explain this building to me????

That's Lester McGillicuddy's old place. He was a county judge back in the early '70's. If you take the little road around and under, you can see where he used to hang 'baccer underneath. That lower room sticking out the back is where he kept the still. Right above it, that back porch looking thing, is where he ran a poker table. The main floor towards the front was a honkey tonk, mountain dancing and music making, drinking, all purpose kind of an establishment with a guard at the front door. Secret password required for entry. Up above, in the attic area, was where he housed the 'ladies of ill repute', sometimes transferred from the jail in Marshall where they had been arrested, and incarcerated in this place to work off their sentence. Quite the lucrative business for ol' Lester. And that front porch up high- there was always at least one guy posted up there with a scatter gun. Just in case...

All made up, of course. But I've often stopped there and wondered myself.

I pass you sometimes, sometimes alone and sometimes with your crew, always going the other way. Maybe someday we'll all be going the same way and you all will let me tag along.

Great thread, nice to see the same things through another's eyes.
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