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Wow. Tough crowd.
I have to say in all my years of internet transactions I have never received such responses from simple direct questions or a vendor (and you are a vendor) who comes with his own crew of online bouncers.

It's just like high school in here. Guys calling you names and basically telling you to piss off while they brown nose to "get theirs" sooner. Pretty hilarious. Anyway, thanks for the education!

For the record, I have worked over twenty five years in the electronics and semiconductor industries. I have sold and serviced multi million dollar installations of semiconductor processing and wafer handling equipment world wide and managed global service engineering teams for said products. I started out as a tech on a bench and have spent countless hours stuffing boards, soldering them and building components and systems. (You know, have gun, will solder) I feel comfortable saying I understand a wee bit about technology.

I have read most of the original thread before I asked questions. I was simply hoping there was a one page blurb somewhere that explained this products theory of operation, tech specs and the usual info that goes with any such device that is for sale commercially. It helps one make up their mind about buying. That's it. Forgive my impertinence.

Arsegon is a whimsical Irish term used by two hilarious TV characters on RTE called Podge and Rodge. Look it up and have a laugh. And maybe take a mild pill while you're at it.

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