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Okee Dokee - here are my initial ride reports based on two installs:

- my '02 R1150GS with 92k miles.
Stock except for a full Remus Genesis exhaust plus pre-muffler to replace the catalyst. I've experimented with both the original 'Golden Yellow' CCP (part # 61 36 8 366 282 & connecting pins 30-87) and the 'Steptoe' jumper (30-87a). For my machine the difference is very subtle, but I prefer the jumper.

- Ginny's '98 R1100R with 94k miles.
Stock except for a full Remus Grand Prix exhaust plus pre-muffler to replace the catalyst. The original 'Rose Pink' CCP (part # 61 36 8 366 625 & connecting pins 30-87-87a) was replaced with a jumper to replicate the 'Beige' CCP (part # 61 36 8 366 551 & connecting pins 30-87a). The reasoning behind this was R1100's shipped to countries which did not require a catalyst seemed to be fitted with the 'Beige' CCP. Those sent to the US and fitted with a catalyst had the 'Rose Pink' CCP.

IICE-Aire in "as delivered" setting (-20) and ambient air temp of 65-70F:

Fitting the IICE-Air to my GS resulted in a immediate and noticeable change. Idle is smoother, and all throttle changes are more immediate and crisp. It seems to pull better at low RPM, and also seems happier to rev. It appears to have broadened the useable powerband. A somewhat un-scientific spark plug chop-n-check showed actual color on the insulator! After almost 200k miles worth of looking at Oilhead spark plugs, I've never seen anything but "fish-belly white", so this is quite a change.

Fitting the IICE-Air to the Roadster was a little puzzling. Her machine has always been Very Strong and initially she felt no performance difference. We actually did a 'blind' back-to-back test, and while she could correctly identify when the IICE-Air was installed the difference was very subtle. She explained it as being "smoother" and "more connected to the throttle". The same plug check on her machine showed no real change in plug color.

Both my GS and the Roadster suffer from "pinging" in hot weather, under what I will call "passing" situations. This initial ride was under abnormally cool conditions, so that test will have to wait.

We're about to go out for a week long road trip, so this should yield much more data under a range of conditions.

Ride it.
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