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Originally Posted by Gangplank View Post
Can anyone tell me if there is a different model of these IICE for the F800GS vs an 02 1150 GS?

Thanks in advance. I'm on the list & just wanted to confirm.

Oh & Marketing Dept. - any estimate when we'll get to J.G.- in NV?

Ok, cool this post answered the 02 1150 GS question.

Originally Posted by word1 View Post
Okee Dokee - here are my initial ride reports based on two installs:

- my '02 R1150GS with 92k miles.
Stock except for a full Remus Genesis exhaust plus pre-muffler to replace the catalyst. I've experimented with both the original 'Golden Yellow' CCP (part # 61 36 8 366 282 & connecting pins 30-87) and the 'Steptoe' jumper (30-87a). For my machine the difference is very subtle, but I prefer the jumper.

IICE-Aire in "as delivered" setting (-20) and ambient air temp of 65-70F:

Fitting the IICE-Air to my GS resulted in a immediate and noticeable change. Idle is smoother, and all throttle changes are more immediate and crisp. It seems to pull better at low RPM, and also seems happier to rev. It appears to have broadened the useable powerband. A somewhat un-scientific spark plug chop-n-check showed actual color on the insulator! After almost 200k miles worth of looking at Oilhead spark plugs, I've never seen anything but "fish-belly white", so this is quite a change.

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