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Pics of Safari 25L tank on TE610

I hope y'all don't mind that I post a bunch of pics of the install

Have a gas can handy and a piece of fuel line.

First, you need a bike to install the tank on

Remove the plastics and the seat

And the radiator shrouds

Disconnect the vent line and remove the tank mounting bolt

Close the petcocks on both sides of the tank

Connect your length of fuel line, connect to the petcock, open petcock and drain this side of the tank

Repeat on the other side

Lousy pic, but too late now Squeeze the little tabs on the fuel pump connection and remove the two lines

Don't forget to disconnect the fuel pump electrical connections before you go yanking the tank off

I forgot why I took this pic.

The Safari tank looks massive, but it's not, as you'll soon see

Do like the instruction page says and rinse out the tank with some gas. There are indeed some bits of plastic in the tank. Also, look at the inside of the gas cap, you might find some plastic bits there, too.

Turn the stock tank upside down and remove the 6 bolts

Pull the pump assembly straight out

And drop it into the Safari tank. It will be a tight fit

The fuel filter fits tight against the inside wall of the tank, so it's not a straight drop-in affair. Work it in slowly and patiently. Run in the bolts a few turns at a time until it's square then finish tightening them up.

Keep a close eye on the gasket. It will try to run away.

Done. Notice the wiring goes to the front of the tank, just like it says in the instruction sheet.

Remove the radiator fan so you can...

route the crossover fuel line. I routed it through the loop of line under the water overflow tank so there's little chance of it touching the exhaust headers.

Route the included fuel line like so:

Remove the stock, short fuel line from the fuel rail and replace with the included line

You don't need the stock, short fuel line anymore. Make it go away.

Replace the fan (and don't forget to reconnect the wiring if you disconnected it)

Go ahead and drop the tank in place and connect the fuel lines and the pump wiring to the harness

Keep an eye on the wiring and keep it clear of the exhaust header

Lie on your back and get under the tank so you can connect the crossover fuel line

Pour some fuel into the tank and check for leaks. Then turn the key to pressurize the lines and check for leaks again. Looks like I got done just in time

Arghh... I forgot to mention the front cross brace. The pics I took didn't turn out. On my setup, the cross brace hits the right header pipe. I will need to dremel some clearance. If your touches, or is really really close, give it some more clearance. Don't be lazy, because if you don't, in no time you will have a hole in the header pipe.

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