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Originally Posted by drdata
OK, dumb question, but I'll ask. "Do the 11x and 1200 GS' use the same FD bearing"?

I'd like to think that perhaps bearing is beefier on the 12.
I'm pretty sure they are different. According the to the press releases from BMW durring the rollout the final drive had been "completely redesigned for improved cooling and reliability". I changed my R12GS final drive oil at 12000 miles and it looked perfectly clean like it had never even been used. I ran the oil through a strainer and came up with nothing. Not even the normal shavings from mold release that one would expect. I don't plan to do it again until about 50,000 miles. I can't see any reason to have any concerns about the R12GS final drive. There are basically not reports of any problems (besides that o-ring deal on the 500 pre-production bikes). BMW would have be complete engineering fools to do a complete redesign and still have the same problems that they had with the previous design. If I thought that, I would not have bought a BMW.
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We pay Motorrad to design weight off the bike then pay TouraTech to bolt it right back on.
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