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Originally Posted by Square4 View Post
Drone; met you at CSR3 and was wondering how many miles you have on the front and pusher tires. Just curious about the mileage you are getting in comparison with the tires that I have tried. Also wanted to find out what you think of using a backrest on your saddle while sidecaring?

Good questions.

I have a weird pinched nerve thing in my back. Without the backrest I can ride pain-free for 30 minutes. With the backrest, 400 mile days are no problem. But this is entirely because of the untreatable non-specific thoracic neuralgia I've had since 2006. Anyway, the backrest does not seem to interfere with hanging off. I prefer to hang off in a more forwardly position anyway.

I have 7000 miles on the tires. The Vredestein Snow+ pusher has no noticeable wear. On the K-60 Scout, my strategic thinking was that although this was a typical "round" motorcycle tire, the blocks were so deep I figured that the profile would become squarer and squarer as I wore down the center of the tire. Then, as my contact patch got wider and wider, the tire would begin to wear down more slowly since now the weight was being distributed over a larger contact patch. Are you with me?

Well, this is happening! When I first got the tire, it left a 1" wide track in the dirt. Now my track is as wide as the tire. So even though the center tread is not as deep as it was, I expect to get many more miles from this tire. But, it's still an experiment. We'll see. However, I feel that the tire is now at its peak performance level. I'm really hoping to get 12,000 or more out of this tire. BTW, at the git-go I ran this tire at 26 lbs but after about 2500 miles of wear I bumped it up to 30 lbs.
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