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A day in the shed.

This morning in the shed I wanted Aaron to take his tappet cover off so we could take a little look inside, so he took out the Right hand side radiator and took the tappet cover off. It all looked pretty clean in there with no obvious signs of any failure. I told him that it would be a good time to check the valve clearences. So I showed him how to check them, Bucket shims, so I didn't really want to get right into it unless they were really out, I have got a good selection of shims now. Inlets were .004 and and exhausts were .006, perfect. we spun the cams over and the lobes were in great nick. Nothing like a Dad teaching a son skills for life. I'm the kinda ADV rider that doesn't agree with back up vehicles following on a trip, So my family needs to know how to fix their bikes on the road. If I can get the parts I can rebuild in the dirt then ride it home. Trailering bikes is for pussies.
Aaron checking his valves.

I was still wondering where this metal was coming from , so I thought stuff it, I said "Hey mate, see that top Cam tunnell, you want to see whats under there?" So we turned it over to top dead centre and backed off the cam chain tensioner. The can tunnell came off and and what a bloody relief. Not a mark on the can journals or the can tunnell. Thank god, Hopefully the metal is from a hard days riding in the dunes crashing through the gears.

While Aaron was putting his engine back together I thought I should get onto a couple of bloody annoying oil eaks on my engine, Last time I split and rebuilt my engine I used a cheap and nasty engine gasket kit as I am a tight ass.
I am going back to genuine Kawasaki orings and gaskets, I just bought a tappet cover gasket, $76, what a joke.
Look at the poor thing, bleeding everywhere.

Aaron and I had to head off at 400 pm to go and go and see the guy who is setting up his intercom for him, rewiring the speaker mic to be compatible with the splitter box.
On the way home we called in too Thunder Dans house to check out his new bubs and some of his current projects, and let me tell you he is a prefectionist.

Cheers Fogo
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