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Originally Posted by Abenteuerfahrer View Post
Ah...this is good to hear that the Vredestein Snow has thus far gone 7000 miles as mine lately haven't seen too many miles after by bailout from the TAT. I assume you rode on both surfaces: offroad and slab; slab being 90%?

That's great news after hunting for a more aggressive pusher tire last winter/spring. SO..we ought to convince the tire guys to stock up on these makes/brands for the coming season and of course buy a set for future uses. By the way do you see the Vredestein/Snow's tread pattern sufficient aggressive enough for gnarly roads or does one need to have a more "Jeep" type tread? Thank you...
I don't keep a log of my paved vs. unpaved miles but there are at least several hundred miles of dirt and gravel in those 7000 miles.

I used to bicycle tour a bit when I was younger but I gave it up because I really only liked going downhill, and bicycling is 95% uphill. My friends told me bicycling is (duh!) 50/50 uphill and downhill, and that it only "seems" to be 95% uphill. I told them they were wrong. Do a 10-mile loop that's 50% uphill and 50% downhill on a fully-loaded touring bike. The 5-mile uphill stretch takes an hour to complete. Then the downhill stretch is over in 5 minutes. NOT 50/50!

[Not me!]

Dirt and paved is the same deal. I might spend 3 hours on paved roads then 3 hours on dirt roads. That's 50/50 riding. But to my tires--it's 95% paved and 5% dirt!

Regarding the tread pattern, I stay away from mud. I'll ride wet gravel roads all day long, but on dirt roads I ride'em dry. Add H2O to a dirt road and watch me find a different route. I also don't ride in sand--not much sand around here. So the tread pattern is fine for dirt and gravel. Really can't say about mud or sand.

Would I be on this road if it was muddy? NOPE!

BTW, on my last trip I left some great "panzer tracks" on a dirt road at my campsite, and I said to myself "Elmer would like a picture of this!" So I took a picture but, sorry, it came out blurry. At least I was thinking about you!
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