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R1200GS Adv oil leak - replace gearbox input seal, install Siebenrock disc

'07 R1200GS Adv oil leak - replace gearbox input seal, install Siebenrock oil resistant friction disk

Following my post about the oil leak, it seems only fitting that I do a post on the fix, bringing together all the links of information that I used to complete the job. I hope this will save someone some time and effort in figuring out if they are up to the job. There is a lot of information in the links that I do not cover in this overview.

So after the initial cussing and swearing, a calm mood settled over me, turning into a secret thrill the more I read that I would have to pull the bike in two and do a clutch and gear seal job. Its been a few years since my last foray into a serious mechanical job, but after reading a few threads I knew I could do the job.
The thrill that I would overcome that barrier between me and 'The BMW'. Stripping a bike down is the best way to overcome that awe of new technology, finding out that they are all just nuts, bolts, tolerances and torques with no magic involved at all.

  • Surfing the interwebs shortly after the clutch slipping event I stumbled across the Siebenrock oil resistant clutch friction disc. This was a good omen.
  • Then I found this thread on UKGSER showing the process of breaking the bike down and replacing the clutch disk.
  • This thread brought up the possibility of having to replace the whole clutch assembly, not something I had considered.
  • This thread showed also showed how to remove the gearbox and other good tips.
  • This post probably saved me a lot of trouble. Although I read the RepROM procedure, I missed the bit about the studs to hold the frame on the engine when the frame is split.
  • And this thread for yet more exposure to the job at hand.

Thank you to all those people who take the time to prepare these writeups, they are invaluable and saved me hundreds of dollars.
Dollars with which to buy new tools :)


I ordered the new clutch disk from Siebenrock in Germany.

Next, make studs for the frame and the gearbox. I figured studs for the gearbox would help in removing and installing the gearbox straight, help to align it with only one set of hands to do the job. I cut the high tensile bolts at the 19th thread loop line for the frame studs, perfect length.

A luxury item, but I figured it would be worth it getting the wiring loom back onto the frame easily - a cable tie gun.

Homemade Oteiker clamp pliers. A $2.50 plier reformed with the help of a grinder and needle files.

Lithium moly grease to add to all my other grease tubs!!.

Honda Moly 60 grease also to add to my collection. This stuff does not seem to be available over the counter in Australia. I was told a special order would be required at a total cost of about $50 for the 3gram tube. I ordered through eBay from the US and got 3x3grams tubes for $50 - $17 of which was postage!!.

Got all the gear, ready for the actual work. Deep breath....the fun begins

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