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Simons Town

Went down to town to find somewhere to watch the Springboks first game in the world cup, the aussies played in the middle of the night here so yeah whatever. Was surprised that the clubs werent chokers like they were for the Wallabies Springbok tri nations games, im not sure i know the world cup is on free to air so maybe everyone is at home watching it.

Ended up at the False Bay yacht club watching it with about 30 people met a few nice people down there, had only just walked in the door and Geoff had a beer for me. Had a nice time chatting to Dan, Martin and another guy that owned a Bmw gs 800, he had done his front shocks, funny that i met him after only thinking about yesterday, maybe its a sign , doo do doo do doo do doo do doo do. He also suggested putting the wider footpegs on, not the first time thats been recommended to me but at this stage ill be leaving it as it is im not spending 7 or 8 hundred bucks on that stuff, i know tight ass,ok ill think about it but I've never been one to farkle anything let along a pretty much brand new Bmw.

Went down stairs after the game and had some lunch standard calamari and a few chips, wasnt the biggest meal ive ever had maybe im looking like I could do with losing some weight and they were being nice. Left there and rode back to the jetty to see if there was any action over on the waterfront, not much going on down here today which is surprising considering its Sunday afternoon, anyway grab a seat order a beer a chicken bunger light up a fag and chill out watching anything worth perving on, ok 5 minutes later ive scoffed down my burger sculled my beer and im out of there, it aint happening here.

Been reading alot of blogs on Namibia in the last few nights im getting keen to get there and see what its all about, i was thinking of renewing my visa here in South Africa and hanging around but im not sure if I could be stuffed running around doing paperwork, i think it would be easier just get on my bike and piss off.

The afternoon was relaxing, just reading up on some more on Namibia and Malawi enjoying the view from the lodge. Pretty sure ill be out of here and leaving towards Namibia on Tuesday. Met some really fantastic people here in South Africa and loved every minute of it, the roads and rides i have done and been shown have been amazing just one after the other and there hasnt been one I havent really enjoyed. They say Namibia is fantastic riding if they are saying that here it must be just brilliant.

Just reading the local newspaper and the local South Africa crime stats, for the first time ever less than 17000 people have been murdered in a year, that works out 1 every 32 odd minutes bloody classic im surprised they have such high unemployment with stats like that.

Where im staying the lady who runs this polace was telling me her daughter was having her lawns mowed the other week and the guy whipper snipping flicked a rock up and smashed one of her windows so she asked if they would put in to cover some of the cost of the window so instead of saying yeak ok like in most other countries the guy pulled a knife out and grabbed her and was going to cut her throat in front of her kids, fortunately her husband walked in and the guy put the knife down, I guess they wont be using that lawnmower man again, if it wasnt so serious some of the shit that happens over here would make a good comedy.

Photo below the view from Berthas Restaraunt in Simons Town where I spent a fair bit of my time while I was around here
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