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Just found this thread. A bit late, but sorry for your loss.

I always reflect, at times like this, on the loss of a friend of mine, I will call him D. He was driving home in a motorhome from a great weekender with his wife and sons and friends all in a caravan. Some idiot decides he cant go on with life and wants to kill himself in his little econoturdbox car and crosses the centerline straight infront of my dear friend D who was so full of life and kindness and generosity.

It devastated his wife and 4 sons lives, they have never been the same. It affected 2 other families who he helped support in more ways than one. A family of 11 (yes 9 kids...all boys) and a quadraplegic father who thru the generosity of my dear friend D got to enjoy many vacations and great times. D took the family of 11 camping and to the river and always included them in his social gatherings, always on D's dime. D was truely a wonderful man.

The point is here, at least for me, is: Should D have just sat at home and not taken his family out on vacations and just sat at home just in the interest of what "might happen"? Of course not! Then his kids would not even have those great memories of times with their dad.

I can not and will not live my life worrying about what could happen! A plane "could" crash into your house while you are sitting at home wishing you could be riding.
A car could run a red light and t-bone you in your family car, same thing as a bike.

Take away my pressure vent of riding a MC and my life be miserable anyway. BUT, not every MC rider is as dedicated and commited to riding as I may be. Not every rider may get the release of anxiety that I get from riding. I see some people ride that seem to do it for some status or to fit in and identify with some group or friends and deep down may not LOVE riding. I know a guy who even seems stressed out FROM riding. I tell him to quit. He want to fit in with his biker crowd buddies. Why ride if that is you.

If you love it, keep doing it. If it is just economic transportation for you, stop riding.
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