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So I've had the weekend to work on the bike and the goal was to get the new engine in and running and then get it on the dyno. I sorta did and mostly didn't meet the goal. The bike is running but I didn't get it on the dyno.

So little by little I kept attaching things until I hit a road block and then I'd work on another project for a little bit. I was waiting for parts for a day so that stalled things. Anyway, here's something you might find interesting.

You ever wonder about these annoying clamps?

Me too. I decided to investigate and found them at McMaster Carr along with the nifty pliers that crimp them. You can too: Pinch Type Clamps and you want this part number for the "Side-Jaw Installation Pincer" 6541K69 and then order "Gap free Pinch with Tongue and Groove" type clamps in various sizes.

They don't offer a kit so you have to do it piecemeal but this collection and the pliers were less than $100. They're so easy and fast to use that I've gone from loving worm drive hose clamps to thinking of them as ghetto. These are slick.

Next up as I was putting stuff on the bike was a little project that I've been wanting to do for about 6 or 7 years - adding a second fan to the radiator. I've always figured there was room but it was never a priority but when my 525 was stolen and recovered blown up I pulled the fan off with the intention of trying to put it on the 950. As it comes with a shroud it won't fit but I unscrewed the shroud and added a small bit of rubber edging to the face and it was exactly big enough.

Now while I could have probably added a switch to it to control it I decided to keep it very simple and I just wired it into the stock fan by stripping back a little wire from behind the plug and then soldering the new fan to that.

Last but not least was attaching it to the radiator. I fitted the tank just to check clearance and then enlarged the screw holes in the fan body just a tad so I could thread zip ties through the holes and then through the actual radiator. On the back side I turned some delrin washers on the lathe and then used just the head of another zip tie to anchor the tail of the one going through the fan. It's a common way to attach fans on race bikes and it works well.

So when I got it all buttoned up and bled the radiator and turned it over to prime the oil pump and discovered I forgot to tighten the front valve cover which I had to swap as it had the two oil ports instead of the one. Then when I started it water leaked at the junction of the hose and the water pump so I replaced the o-ring and that fixed that. Then I finally got it running for a few minutes but couldn't find my chain tool (which seems to have grown legs) so I couldn't put the chain on and run it on the dyno. Of course after I cleaned up and started it a second time it started pissing fuel straight out of the carb vents as fast as the fuel pump was pumping so now I need to figure that out. Here you can see the new fan tucked in.

Anyway, I did get it running so that makes me happy - it sounds quite a bit more raucous than the old engine. Now if I can find some more time to figure out the carbs before I go and find out who borrowed my chain tool I may be able to get it on the dyno before I leave for Portland this Friday.


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