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Toymans Day 4

Well we get up early and give the obnoxious late night noise makers a wake up call with our bikes and head to the showers, then we are off to the Green River Outfitters for breakfast

Remind me to not interupt Oleary while he is eatin

And were off towards Farson, Wyoming.

North end of Flaming Gorge Lake

Notice the small dot in the picture on the road, thats Oleary, just shows the massive views.

To put this into perspective, that is an SUV on the point on the lake.

looking back to the southwest on the upper end of Flaming Gorge lake

Looking Northwest

Just north of Flaming Gorge lake, We were in awe of the solitude and beauty

Just north of Rock Springs we take a short cut to dirt?

Another vista, notice the sand dunes in the background, once we pass this the roads became very sandy and loose, man that will make your arms sore, then we hit Farson for a gas and lunch before heading to Mary Hays Cabin.

We decide to ride on past Mary Hays Cabin and hit the Immigrant Trail

We hit the Continental dive road and catch up to some DS riders from Iowa

Bumpbump's ride

We visit a bit then head on, notice the dark clouds forming in the southwest, also note we are riding the Great Divide aka The Big Empty and the name fits the terrain.

This was my last photo of the day, we tried to out run mother nature, she had none of that, the rain got us again, lighting struck less than 300 feet from me and the dirt flew, then the 50 mph plus winds, hail and rain. I felt like a flat tracker leaning going straight. The wind was so strong it would blow you to the left side of the road and you had to actually turn the handle bars to get back to the other side of the road and start over, then I could see the sunlight ahead, wheeew that was close. We rode like mad and out run the storm this time and landed in Rawlings. We fueled up when we got there and you had to hold your bike up the wind was so strong so we decided to get a hotel room, good thing we did as it stormed during the night. Man we seen a lot of scenery today and weather, we were so tuckered out neither one one of us new when we passed out.
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