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I wasn't going to read all posts as it's 3am,i just happened to noticed that GS800,but after
some of the crap i've read i had to-things like extending forks.....ehhhhh!!!
By dropping the front 2"(plus tyre difference,60/70 profile) from a 21" wheel to a 17",not 4"
from the spindle,it only sharpens up the steering at the lost of some high speed stability
(steering damper time),and anyway,you've lost some height off the rear just by changing
from a trail based tyre.Nothing more demonstrated this when British rider,Chris Walker was
racing Kawasaki ZX7RR's,you'd to jack up the back end skywards on those things to get
them to turn!
Same with ABS.An ABS system lets off the brakes when the 'ring' stops moving,doesnt
matter what size of rim that's on there.
I get the same crap on here about taking a supermoto to Sth American...."Oh,you never
get there on that,the wheels will be too soft".....clueless!A 17" wheel is STRONGER than
a 21",the spokes are shorter and closer together,yes you dont have a big 'bouncy' tyre to
absorb some of the holes on the road,but the wheel is stronger!(Plenty overlaiden big bikes
like KTM 990's are running the same size rim/tyre size as a supermoto on the rear,but
somehow it's alright for them and not the likes of a DR650 Suzuki......the mind boggles!
Same with matching tyres.Maybe on some road bikes/track bikes,but running two different
tyres on a supermoto isn't as bad.I'm running an Avon Distanzia on the front,a Shinko on
the rear with a similar tread pattern,not all the roads will be 'metalled',it aint gonna make
a difference,in fact,it'll have more grip than some trail based tyres on a decent road!
We'll not even go near DOT5 brake fluid,got a feeling some people may have a coronary!
Far too many people never think outside the box or logically.
Finally.Back to sizes.For supermoto racing,not only do you put on a smaller wheel,you chop
you forks down 2" as well as lowering the back end a bit,the difference between a supermoto
and a moto-x bike!
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