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Originally Posted by bentspoke
Anyone know if a 1200 GS has had a final drive failure? If they are not having problems, I would like to know the Industrial bearing number, to look it up and see the specs.
I guess sealed up rear ends are the way of the future, cars have been doing it for years, at least some of them. Many people never change it on a car. Even my Jeep you have to remove the cover to dump the fluid.
Of course the fluid should nearly go the life a drive. Generally fluid will stay clean untill a bearing failure. Seeing these low mileage bikes doing this, tells me it is certainly not a lubrication issue.
I would think cars would be imune to a failure similar to BMW due to using proper type bearings for the aplication and therfore may be more tolerant to shorcomings in lubrication.
I have heard a few mention cryogenic treament to make the bearing more durable, any thoughts?
As far as the new final drive, BMW only list a complete assembled final drive unit for replacment , so I could not confirm if the bearing is different between models.
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