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Ned asked me to add a post here with the details of the rally frame support. Thank you very much my friend! And thank you Kelly for the preview posts.

A bit of history how this came about first. I have been designing and manufacturing "weekender" rally supports close to 2 years. The early design revisions were fueled by coffee and the urgency to finish a new design a couple days before some roadbook ride. First design (spring of 2010) was mounted on the triple to hold a Baja Designs 8" halogen, F2R roadbook & ICO. Design was minimal, however after a few miles of tight stuff, you noticed the weight slowing down the steering.

Next version (spring of 2011) focused on mounting to the frame. I wanted to design something that was completely bolt on so I can quickly get my bike back into it's primary function as a trail bike. No permanent modifications to the bike! You can see in the linked picture it was all "function over fashion". Naked and some said looked like the robot in Short Circuit due to the exposed look and round lights.

This is the design that caught Ned's eye while he was seriously considering Dakar. He asked me if I would design the support for his race bike if he were to enter the race. I stupidly accepted.

His decision is made, accepted by the ASO. Oh shit, I am designing a real Dakar roadbook support! He will need this to help get him to the finish line. Time to get serious!!

Design Goals:
- Simple
- Adjustable
- Serviceable
- Flat plates- easy to fix, easy for spares, easy to pack & ship
- No drilling/ welding frame
- Light weight
- Did I mention simple? :)

First prototypes were cut form some alum sheet I had in the shop using Ganshert's plasma cutter. Thanks Scot!!!

Huge eureka moment struck just after the open house at Wolfman Luggage. While holding up the Rigid lights in front of the frame designing a light bracket, I noticed the lights could be directly mounted to the frame with a slight modification to the width. SIMPLE!! We are now eliminating a bracket, some hardware and some weight. Couple more tweaks to the CAD, send to Precision Waterjet and we have the supports we are currently testing.

Now enter our partner in crime Ganshert with the SGmoto Awesomeness. You all have seen the earlier pics of the faring progress.
Here are a couple recent pics on the set I am testing. Ganshert is now in his hidden shop in the Colorado Front range making new improvements to the faring and testing new materials.

The next day.

As Ganshert has been creating the first 2 sets he has designed in some great features.
- No need to remove faring to take off tank.
- Straps will still work after a bunch of entropy where dzus or other will become fussy.
- Rubber cushion will prevent wear between tank and fairing.

ALL of the above ingredients allowed us to form a new company Rally Moto Kit !!! We will be selling kits as soon as we get everything square with Ned's race bike. So look out for a website and vendor thread this fall.

( I will let Ned post about the recent testing )
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