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Originally Posted by engineerjoe View Post
I helped Daniel out with the map. He has a 2011 Enduro R with a FMF Apex pipe and a Evo1 airbox lid. It wouldn't idle when cold and was noticably lean.

I started with the 2011 Akro map (it was a little richer than the Evo1 map) and I did the changes outlined in the "Code Orange" thread.
He had a big smile when he came back from the test ride!!
Thanks again Joe.

It completely transformed the bike. It helped just as much when I did the 15 min idle procedure (which I could not before because it would die after <1min at idle when cold). I can tell the "code orange" changes as well.

It has very predictable power with a nice boost in the mid range torque curve.

I owe you for the help.
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