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Originally Posted by marcoma View Post
When I went to the dealer to test a KTM 990, I got back and said it just felt too much of a dedicated offroad machine (albeit a heavy one!). He then offered me a test ride on a brand new F800GS. I bought the BMW on the spot.

Theres not a day goes by where I don't regret buying the BMW ....BUT I imagine I'd be even more dissatisfied with the KTM.

The Beemer is uncomfortable with the stock seat, has a ridiculously tall first gear so hard core offroading is out of the question in stock form which is fine because the suspension is shite for that anyways, the motor rattles more than my dead grannys teeth and it's stupidly overpriced IMHO. No, where the Beemer pics up points is it's ability in town over the KTM and it's astounding fuel mileage.

I have 7 bikes - I dislike the Beemer because it cost the most and delivered the least. I'm sure there's people here who swear by 'em but honestly there's no comparison to what you get with a Japanese machine - in quality, performance and value for money.

When I bought it, I made my bed and now I'll lie on it....... c'est la vie!
The closest I got to a KTM ride was to throw a leg over and hoist it up. It felt heavy and after looking at the HP and torque numbers, I decided for an old man on his first big ADV type bike, I should probably pass.

Some of my first impressions of the BMW were similar to yours and I was unhappy enough to bitch about here.

My first trip to Saline/Death valley on the stock bike, put the fear of Dog in me, a 65mph tankslapper will do that. Suspension that jarred my teeth, abrupt throttle that garnered me a bent rim. First was too abrupt and 2nd would not pull the grades.

I have about $1,700 in suspension fixes, Accelerator module, G2 tube, exhaust and a shock brace for peace of mind. It is a completely different bike.

It is still cheaper than a KTM. The engine in mine makes no odd noises. With added torque and ability to modulate the throttle, coupled with decent suspension, has made me forget the tall first gear.

Stock to stock there is no comparison, if you are talking about suspension and power.

A few mods and it is tough enough for me.
BMW Motorrad USA customer service: "We make superior motorcycles and continue to improve them."
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