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Originally Posted by Velociraptor View Post

My 2009 690r started cutting out along the highway today and finally just outright quit on me. My first KTM troubleshoot along the roadside. Probably not fuel related at fuel pump was priming, a good shot of fuel came out near the injector, and the injector was giving a good spray. Had a spare injector so threw it on and made no difference. Checked a lot of electrical stuff and found no obvious fault. Eventually bike started running again so made it about 40 easy miles before it started trying to die again but would catch and keep running until it eventually died again on city streets. Pulled stuff off again, got it going, rode 2 ft and died again. Pulled stuff off AGAIN and started wiggling wires while I tried to start it. Seems to be related to something in or around the big wiring bundle slightly to the front and right and below the spark plug. I started wiggling that and the bike would try and start then die as I moved it. It finally started for good and after that when I moved the bundle it had no effect. Bike ran fine the 10 miles left to home. Time to strip the bike and see if I can find the exact problem.
Exact same thing I've been experiencing, I hope the fuel pump fixes my problem but won't know until I get the pump.
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