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Originally Posted by The Letter J View Post
I've found that ~33% rider sag has worked well for me on all of my bikes regardless of total travel. I had Javier work my R shock to get 285mm travel so 95-100mm is where I started. I weigh ~230lbs with a 90nm spring set to 100mm rider sag, I ended up with 20mm free sag. I think that I'd prefer to bump up to the 95nm and it should be spot on for my weight. Forks still have stock .52kg/mm springs and are borderline too soft, but too close to justify a change... I think I just need a little stiffer valving and they should be good.
All things being equal, as the forks have the same 275mm travel as the shock, I'm going to measure front sag tomorrow. I'll then set the rear to the same sag. At least the 2 sides will be balanced. From there I'll make an assesment of what spring rate will be required.

FWIW, I'm at 30% of total travel for rear sag now. I was at 33%, but the action was harsh, I thought I was too low in the stroke.

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