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The coast road Simons Town

Had a good ride today just back around past the turn off to the Cape of Good Hope not going in there again been there done that so just kept riding along the road I had come in on the other day as it was so nice. As I left Boulders here in Simons Town there is a young bloke up the top of the hill in a penguin suit you know the deal encouraging everyone to turn in and come and see the penguins always smiling waving etc I stopped to have a chat with him cause hes always the first thing you see and last you see when you leave this area. Sly was from Malawi and down here to work and had found this job, he was a pretty happy chappy so im guessing this line of work suited him down to the ground as much as hes just up there by himself on the turn off, no one really would stop to talk to him as its a pretty busy little intersection.

Talked to him for a few minutes and slipped him a tip of a 100 rand note which isnt much like 15 bucks or something but you should of seen his eyes light up I found out later thats more than a days wages for him so no wonder he was pretty stoked, I still felt pretty cheap giving him that. He was such a happy outgoing person, doing his best to survive and willing to doing anything he could for him and his family. Took off on my ride and stopped so many times a guy doing a 80k cycle was keeping up with me, eventually he stopped and we had a chat for awhile. We were watching the guys surf down there in the remotest of spots and I said its a bit narky (sharky) down there, but he assured me its worse over the other side of False Bay and that there had actually been a guy taken and killed in Plettenberg a few days after I left. It didnt make the papers, I guess it must of been around the time when 17 school kids died in the bus smash there in Knysna Plettenberg area a few weeks back so that sort of probably took the gloss off that blokes claim to fame. One bloke surfing taken by a shark pffft not even news worthy over here.

Took off riding again, the coast road is certainly an amazing ride, runs all the way along the cliff face looking down over the ocean. Had good intentions of following it all the way back to Camps Bay but obviously took a wrong turn somewhere and just kept riding till I thought hang on where am i. So I did the only thing you can do in this situation I just kept going. The road wound up over the mountain range another fantastic ride I have to say, whizzed past a couple of cars and trucks one a cop car, he wasnt going to catch me once I got past with all the trucks so it wasnt a big deal and I had clear road ahead which was fantastic.

The road just kept winding away through the mountains up and down then I came to the top of the last one and thought hang on a minute thats got to be wrong im looking north arent I im supposed to heading south as far as I knew. Oh well better check the Gps out so turned it on and yeah sure enough I was about 30 k's north west of where I wanted to be and heading away from where I had thought I was, Oh well you get that. Could see the ocean so thought well I'll just head down there and wind my way back along the coast, the good thing about around here all you have to do is head up a hill and you can see for miles. On the way past through a few suburbs then ended up in Miuzberg looks like a pretty nice little town, I read about a shoot out here the other day in the newspaper standard stuff couple fo guys shot dead having a running gun battle with the cops, you know every day fun stuff they do here in South Africa.

Rode into town and had a look around, it actually looks ok and I felt really comfortable, there alot of sufers hanging around on the main beach. Didnt stay long in town as I wanted to keep riding and headed up the hill that runs behind the town. Stopped half away along and was taking some pics and some guys pulls over and says hi, he actually lives in the eastern suburbs of Sydney back in Australia and was from here in Miuzberg and must of seen the NSW number plates on the bike. Had a chat for a little while but as we were both stopped on the footpath we headed off pretty quicky.
Kept following the coast along till I reached Fish Hoek and stopped for a good healthy lunch and dinner, got to love KFC. While I was there dropped into a fabric shop to get some iron on patch for my jeans I ripped when I fell over the fence blind drunk after the night out with Helen in Durban that will be good it aint getting smaller that rip and I paid a shitloads for these jeans so might as well look after them.

Anyway just came back and relaxed tonight and did sweet fa, changed my website around so its linked to Advrider, im sick of doing two blogs for no reason so it should be easier to upload pics and keep up to date. Hopefully everyone from there can read the blog here in Advrider, I'll have to check on whether you have to become a member to actually read the blogs, I cant remember off hand. It is my excuse for having so few pictures uploaded in here, that should change now I'm not double dipping on blogging

Decided ill be heading to Namibia either tomorrow or the next depending on the weather im not going to start in the rain as there is no need. Rang up the AA car place its like out NRMA or RACQ you know the deal roadside assistant mobs to see if I could get a Comesa Yellow Card third part insurance but apparently the borders arent reconising them now so you have to do it at the borders or get them from Lusaka in Zambia so thats another problem solved and that I dont have to worry about. Had tossed up on renewing my visa here in South Africa but stuff it been here for nearly 3 months its time to get cracking.

Everyone from South Africa tells me the riding in Namibia is brilliant, if they think its brilliant compared to here it sounds like alot of fun. Im really looking forward to getting there, its onkly 650 k's to the border but ill probably take a week or so to get there they do say the west coast is pretty nice so ill just cruise up there and have a look around on my way. Where im going I dont know ^^^^^^ that way somewhere.l

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